Natural Disaster

by Grace McLean

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Brianna Quintero Bungert
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Brianna Quintero Bungert I love the cheery tune to go along with fears of disaster. Grace McLean's voice is gorgeous and her music makes me happy. I hope to see her live one day! (Although I did see her in the Great Comet! Absolutely marvelous!)
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"Natural Disaster" is the first song I wrote on my Electroharmonix 2880 looping pedal, and one of my favorite little creations.

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Any time I wanna go outside I stop and think about getting sunburned
Any time I wanna go for a ride I stop and think about getting in a car crash
A car crash
Any time I get on the subway I'm pretty sure it's gonna derail
Any time I eat at Subway I'm pretty sure I'm gonna contract mad cow disease
And then I'm gonna die from a

Natural Disaster
Natural Disaster

Any time I feel a gentle breeze I remember that tornado in Brooklyn
Any time I try to suppress a sneeze I remember someone told me that could lead to an aneurism
And that would be some shit, son
Oh, oh, oh

When I want to go for a walk I know I'm gonna twist my ankle
So I sit at home with my hot chocolate and my hot self and remember I am thankful
To have a home from which I don't have to face a

Natural Disaster
(No I don't have to face it)
Natural Disaster
(That's what 4 walls are for)

Don't mistake me I am on not pouting
I'd like to go one day on an outing with you
To a movie or some such thing
Where you'll woo me with a diamond ring

But if we go on out to the can-can
We might get stuck in the middle of a hurricane
And then you can't take me home
And nothing but the wind is gonna make me moan
And nothing but the rain will be pounding me
I'll only be wet cuz I'll be swept out to sea
Baby can't you see that it's a

Natural Disaster
(And the probability)
Natural Disaster
(Is that it's going to happen to me)

Any time I wanna go for a swim I remember I'm afraid of drowning
Any time I wanna think about him I remember that I promised myself I'd stop frowning

When we were breaking up he broke my favorite tea cup
When we were breaking up he broke my favorite tea cup
When we were breaking up he broke my favorite tea cup
When we were breaking up he broke my favorite tea cup

Natural Disaster
(And that was a disaster too)
Natural Disaster
(With all those pieces on the ground)

But baby that's when you came along
You sang my favorite song
You kept me moving on
And we picked up the broken glass
And learned that what was brittle wasn't meant to last
So let's build a home out of straw and sticks
And then we'll know if the apocalypse hits
We can always rebuild after
We get hit by a natural disaster

Natural Disaster
Natural Disaster

Cuz you got my heart just like McCartney
You got my heart just like McCartney
You got my heart just like McCartney
You got my heart just like McCartney


released December 15, 2012
Vocals and lyrics by Grace McLean
Recorded by Justin Goldner for Funky Butter Productions
Mastered by Matt Stine for 27Sound


all rights reserved



Grace McLean New York, New York

Called “electrifying” by The Huffington Post, Grace McLean has a sound that combines Regina Spektor's quirkiness, Nellie McKay's jazz sensibilities, and Fiona Apple's irreverence. Manhattan User's Guide writes "this pop and jazz singer writes seriously infectious melodies with seriously antic lyrics. Her voice can raise the roof, or she can slide off a note and break your heart." ... more

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